Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The ties that bind...

Yes, I believe that most blog titles should closely resemble a pun.  That is how I roll.   :)

I wouldn't categorize this post as a particularly heavy contribution, but one that I wanted to share, regardless.

One of the management issues that we have run into is being sure that the correct power cord is connected to the appropriate iPad.  It has resulted in many frustrations and erosion of precious time in my classroom.

I decided to attach a bread tie to the end of each power cord with the assigned number written upon it.  The students never have to remember if we are plugging from left to right or right to left.  They need only look at their dangling tie to be sure that they have the correct power cord.

Ok, confession time.  I have a small amount of OCD when it comes to organization.  Organization makes me VERY happy.  And those pictures...up there... ^^^  make my heart sing.  :)

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